The Story Of Big Data Has Just Gone Viral!

While big data projects have sprouted up everywhere in companies and public organizations, they often still have to fight to solve problems related to the lack of quality and value of data. The main players and users of the sector will meet this week on Big Data Paris 2019, until March 12.

From finance to industry, transportation and commerce, no sector is immune to the whirlwind of big data. According to the results of a latest BCG study “State of Data Capabilities” presented at the 8th Big Data Paris (11-12 March 2019), the level of global maturity in the use of big data – borne by the IA and IoT projects – has also significantly increased. And especially in France whose adoption index exceeds that found at the global level, almost all sectors combined. “There is a leap from the public sector, the most advanced in terms of AI and big data,director of big data and analytics at BCG. And, in this matter, it is not the advances of the City of Paris and the Ministry of the Armies,

“After conducting a strong open data policy, we are entering a new stage, deputy mayor of Paris, who is in charge of urban planning economic development of the capital. In the spotlight: a “data city” project articulated around several axes ranging from the 3D model of the city, to the development of an open source platform hosted in a Paris data center. Among the other works underway in the first city of France, that of the energy optimization of buildings that will ultimately allow, according to the 2030 climate plan, 40% savings on the entire park. “The big data revolution in urban services is promising, but the quality of the data poses a huge problem.

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Needed work on data governance

Same story at the Ministry of the Armed Forces, which has set up 3 working groups (IA, IA and ethics as well as hosting), offers in open data 193 datasets, feeds in economic and HR data of 95% of an age group of young people identified for the call day (JAPD) or, again, provides maritime cartographic information (Data SHOM). But the ministry also meets, as the city of Paris but for different reasons, difficulties in its data projects. “We do not have a very strong culture of data capitalization. The valorization is a strong strategic axis and we have an interest to valorize our data, to see cases of use and abundant POC at the service of all the ministries.

The problems encountered, both in terms of quality and data enhancement, are also added to the difficulties of scaling up and industrializing big data projects. “Everyone has embarked on data projects not to be late, to build datalab and plug algorithms but it can not work without a work on data governance.industrialization IA reference and datascience at Sopra-Steria. “Data governance does not bring direct value and many CIOs do not see any point in bringing coherence and focus more on datapipeline,” said his side Damien Orset, big data architect at Atos. “The IS that inherited a SI park in the qualitative processes retropedalent and make changes and refactoring, while those who are today are sensitized to data governance. ”

Source: Data Center Consulting

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