The Miracle Of GPS.

A bug reset the GPS Numbering (Week Number Roll Over) will occur on April 6th. Without updating, millions of old map systems will be exposed to internal clock problems and functional instability.

After the bug of the year 2000, here comes the bug of April 6, 2019. It is indeed on this date that several millions of GPS currently used will know a malfunction due to a reset of their calendar numbering. Identified under the name of Week Number Roll Over, this bug comes from the fact that the GPS is based on a dating system with numbers of weeks using a 10-bit storage limiting their number to 1024 (2 power 10). Since the origin of the GPS calendar, established on January 6, 1980, a first bug had occurred 1024 weeks later, on August 21, 1999. Before a second 1024 following weeks, precisely this April 6, 2019.

Beyond the reset of the internal clock, the GPS systems not updated after April 6, 2019 may experience instability that may cause errors in the estimation of the trip or the inability to use certain GPS functions. Note that recent systems – 3 years old and under – integrate a patch natively to avoid the consequences of this bug. For others, better ensure that an update is available to avoid any problem. Most system builders like (Garmin Tomtom …) have warned the concerned users of the need for an update. This is also the case for car manufacturers such as Renault, which has alerted owners of vehicles with an integrated GPS navigation system that an update was required to avoid the bug. Note that this must be done manually and it is not automatically pushed.

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No more GPS bug before 2137

Aware of this concern, the Committee in charge of the interface of the civil GPS service (CGSIC) announced in 2017 a way to overcome this situation by spending the storage space used for GPS dating from 10 to 13 bits to make increase the number of weeks stored before resetting from 1024 to 8192 (2 power 13). A change that would see coming, the next date for a bug not intervening before 2137.

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