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Historically specialized in telecom infrastructure outsourcing, IMS Networks continues to diversify into cybersecurity. This involves the reorganization of its management team, but also the creation of a subsidiary that will work on a software platform dedicated to the prevention of computer attacks.

IMS Networks passes the second. Founded in 1997, the Castres company first specialized in the deployment, outsourcing and security of critical telecom infrastructures. But since 2014, it is in cybersecurity that it digs its hole, while maintaining its historical activity. In order to accelerate in these two areas, the company headed by Thierry Bardy is reorganizing.

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To lead the cybersecurity division, IMS went to get Arnaud Pilon from the National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI). It will have the task of developing the commercial activities of this sector internationally. “At the moment, the cyber division represents a little less than € 3 million in turnover, we would like to increase to € 10 million by 2022, including the deployment of a subsidiary for the Benelux zone,” says M Bardy. The company will also have to strengthen its processes and develop its cyber IS in order to obtain the PDIS (Security Incident Detection Provider) certification from ANSSI. Before joining IMS, Mr. Pilon also held the position of auditor of the security of the systems of

As for the Network and Telecom Business Unit, Nicolas Douville, previously CTO of IMS, took the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer. He will focus particularly on mastering the latest technologies in the sector, particularly on SD-WAN, WDM and NFV solutions.

” We have plans to invest in everything that is management interface, dashboards dedicated to the management of network infrastructure … ” adds Thierry Bardy, who recalls that this division represents € 9 million in turnover for its company .

A platform to anticipate cyberattacks

Finally, Mathieu Rigotto, Director of Cybersecurity for IMS Networks for five years, is promoted to head a new subsidiary, Cyblex Technologies. He will lead a team of engineers and researchers in charge of the development of a mysterious software platform. For now, no name or very specific information on this project, which will be unveiled in January 2020, at the International Forum on Cybersecurity. ” I can just tell you that this is a project that aims to map a client’s IT infrastructure and link it to web-based information and less formal networks such as Darknet. to prevent possible computer attacks , “says Thierry Bardy. “This will come in addition to things that already exist like SIEMs. ”

The platform will also be open to contributions from a community, which will be able to test algorithms, a bit like the bug bounty. ” Cybersecurity is considered today to evolve so quickly that no one is efficient enough to run alone after hackers constantly, ” says the company boss. A demonstrator should be set up before the summer. Then, Cyblex will work with partners whose data will be used to launch the platform before its V1, at the end of the year.

Source: Networks Security Assessment